Boy and Girl Marry Cont. Girl’s Mom makes the Dress

Finally the last post before I wrap up the wedding series. Normally this should be under Pusha’s Atelier since she is the designer and the maker but I like to think I had some creative input … so here it goes …

It was quite easy for me to make the decision to have mom make my dress. The challenge came from us living in different countries. It was a very tricky exercise to give mom measurements online and through Skype. She had creative freedom to design a dress. I just asked her to keep in mind what I like and the types of dresses that looked good on me in the past, which was not a lot to go by since I am not known to wear dresses too often. Although mom created it mostly while she was in Toronto, we did have a few days a month before the wedding to finish it.

One of the few things I knew was that I did not want a long dress. I never wore a long dress and I didn’t want to test how it feels on the day. I like to see dramatic long wedding dresses and I would love to try a few but for a photo shoot as an artistic exercise.


A colleague from work showed me a really lovely dress where the crinoline was red and the length was exactly how I wanted my dress to be. When mom came over, we went to the material store close by and while looking for white net, divine intervention made such that we found the exact shade to match my shoes, the cornflower blue I mentioned in my previous post.


One great plus, aside from the way it fit, was that it was a great dancing dress. French Can Can with a cornflower blue crinoline was unexpectedly fun. I already have other ideas on how to use the crinoline for other dresses and I am ready for mom to pass on some of her knowledge to me so we can enhance my wardrobe. In the meantime if you would like to see more of Pusha’s Atelier work you can hop over here.



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