A blink of an eye, camera eye

The benefit of not excelling at something through the miracle of birth or luck is that getting better becomes a fun journey. Two years ago, before my brother’s wedding I have put my hands on my first Digital SLR. Since then I have been learning more and more, having fun with it, getting frustrated and all the other rollercoaster stages in between.

Snapping photos is assuming the role of a hobby as well as it gives the visual representation of our Etsy shop. I have only had the chance to photograph some of the items considering our shop spans over two countries at the moment.  A couple of the ones I did photograph are: Little Miss Green or Little Miss Blue Sky .

By now we have been playing with different cameras. Chris, my serene half, has also been sucked into this at times. So we switch between using the SLR, and two film cameras: an Oktomat and a Qingdao 6. The Oktomat was a Christmas gift while the Qingdao-6 is an older camera, my aunt gave me. Recently I read that it is basically an Agfa Optima camera assembled in China.

I kept toying with ideas on how to share some of the favorites. I initially created a Pinterest board since it was a nice and quick way. But I decided to not be lazy and add a section to our website which actually germinated into a whole website makeover. The banner photo is taken with the Qingdao camera. The Camera Blink section contains links to the three sets for each one of the cameras. Some are as shot, some are processed.

I take my time defining the balance of photography in my life. I love that it motivates me to look at my surroundings more attentively and appreciate them more. Most of the times streets that I see every week tens of times are still great sources for snapshots. I do not let it take over every trip and visit. I make an effort to put it away at times and just leave it. As well I am enjoying editing them. I am getting better at choosing which photos I like to edit and which can stay just the way they are. I am getting better at sensing when I am bored either of taking photos or editing them. No point doing something I regularly enjoy if I am sick of it. This has been very useful in my work with our wedding photo albums. Bored or tired is not making me look prettier.

This is all the photographish things I have for now. Happy Snapping!

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