A new chapter

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

As we were packing to leave Manchester, I decided to keep one book with me. I chose this one for many reasons: it seemed appropriate to read about a new earth as I was entering a new chapter, it also created a nice symmetry as the first book I started reading in Manchester was ‘The Power of Now’ and also because it was a precious gift from my dear friend Grace. She is a beautiful author herself and we share a love of books, coffee, and everything in between and I am looking forward having her close in the near future.


We are now already in Brisbane, and a couple of months have passed since I started this post. To recap: we left Manchester, have been back home to Romania and now back to Chris’ home in Australia. It is definitely an interesting time in our lives with traveling around, enjoying time with parents, family and friends. With no set working schedule of the recognizable 9 to 5 or with a flat/house we can call our own, I am happy to say I feel at home and at peace. I am asked and advised quite often about how our lives need to get sorted and the need to buy a place, continue my career and start a family and I fully understand all of these opinions come from a place of good wishes and intentions. But I feel no urgency towards anything else. I am happy to call the place where we are at the moment our home, and the work I am doing now, either professionally or creatively, my career. Here is a career goal achieved: our niece and nephew can now say our names and love to give us a cuddle once in a while even if we interrupt their busy playing schedule.

Although I knew this time was our time to enjoy, it ended up being quite emotional especially at the end of the trip in Romania. I was getting busier and more tired with less hours of sleep, I was more easily taking everything on board and absorbing both my own and my close family’s problems. Even when we got to Australia and I received some not ideal news, I started entering the frenzy of what to do and how to sort it out. I used to do it regularly and I used to accept that every step in life involved hard work or struggle. Things would get done and achieved but I can remember myself building up such a heavy load for every mishap that we had to overcome and somehow I was taking pride in it. It was exhausting to feel and carry around but it was my experience and I was proud of it.

Things have changed in the last years. A shift has occurred where I am letting the past be a learning lesson accessed when needed. It does not need to be revived every day for every single thing. Even in the past year our plans changed and not necessarily under ideal circumstances but we ended up sorting them out to an even better outcome than we initially planned. And continuously I am proved that worry is futile and that the flow of life is in a positive direction. So I just need to let myself float and not be bothered by the occasional sand in my eyes here and there. Most of the times I am comfortably living like this. Of course I get wrapped up here and there in some exhausting situation that could be handled better. But oh well… I will get better at it in time.

In the last years I met Chris and have found a partner, an aspect that clearly participated to me learning to embrace what comes your way. I decided to continue my studies and found the programme I wanted in Manchester. I applied successfully and I let the rest unfold on its own and I can happily say many doors opened in order for this chapter of my life to be so positive. As well when I moved to Manchester, it marked a time when I started looking inside a bit more and spending more time getting to know myself. During this time I periodically read books that supported all the questions I had and helped me recalibrate anytime I needed.

What I embraced in these last years is that listening to my inner voice brings a peace to my life which proves to be most beneficial. This is not ground breaking information when you read it as said by someone else. It is not like I never heard this before this time. But it didn’t resonate deep enough to live by it and even when I lose sight of it, it still finds its way back or I start looking for it. So acceptance, enjoyment and enthusiasm as Eckhart Tolle beautifully describes are definitely great life companions who I will invite to come along with us into our next adventure.

I started the book in Manchester but finished it now, months after. Probably I wanted to keep the Manchester vibe alive as long as possible. I did the same with the Power of Now … started it and then finished it a long time after. It seems it knows when it needs to come into my life. So with a standing ovation for the city that brought so much richness to my life, I am making room for the next place and looking forward to see the Blue Moon sometime when our paths will cross again.

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