Americana and Canadiana 2017 – Part 1

This was a quick day trip to pick a sitting standing desk that would fit a small nook in our spare bedroom and my office. Sometimes it is really frustrating the Canadian market is not as rich in options as our southern neighbours.
 It was a fun day trip, with a few stops to a bookshop, some antique stores and some traditional fast food in Allentown.


New Jersey
Visiting family to celebrate my cousins’ baby shower and later on in the summer Rose’ baptism.

Bruce Peninsula and Owen Sound
This was a fun weekend getaway with Dini and Felix with some lovely walks and boat ride. Plenty to do and see in the area especially late spring.

Trip to Bruce Peninsula.

We have a yearly trip here to our friends’ cottage and it is always the source of some good laughs.


Prince Edward County
It was our first time here and it seems absolutely lovely but sadly we could not enjoy too much walking around as the mosquitoes were on fire. We had a beautiful lunch with a view, listening in on a conversation about a house renovation that sounded like it would be featured in Architectural Digest. They were snubbing Wayfair so …

Prince Edward County.

My sister and brother in law have made it very easy for us to meet up, they live in London, UK and they either visit us or organize trips where we can join them easily. As mentioned in previous posts they are excellent researchers and company for fun shopping, scenic drives and delicious food. Our drive from PEC to the Catskills was supposed to be a gentle 5 hours, but Husband decided for the scenic route which ended up to be an impressive day long trip. We stayed in a lovely house, we always do, and had some fun kayaking on Esopus Creek. Other sites included Kaaterskill Falls, Baird College, Sugarties, Phoencia Diner. On our drive back we stopped in Syracusse for antiquing at Syracuse Antiques Exchange and lunch at Stella’s Diner.

Catskill Cottage & Creek Esopus.

Syracuse - Antiquing.

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