Canadiana – Part 1 (Nova Scotia)

We say we should do more local travelling and sometimes we manage sometimes we don’t. With the visit of Husband Chris’ Mum and Dad we took the opportunity to get serious and we arranged two fun filled long weekend trips.

Enough of Ontario and Quebec, other provinces deserve our attention especially when we incorrectly think we can eat lobster at will and see puffins. We flew in and had no problem getting the car and driving to our beautiful AirBnB home by the lake. Unlike other flight adventures, this was smooth sailing. The home we rented was on the lake, a luxury, plus we shared the same taste in couches so plenty to make us feel at home.

Husband hates driving in Toronto, and regularly complains about appalling ‘Toronto driving’ but he loves adventure driving, promenade driving so that is what we did most of the days. The first day was spent driving around the coast, a lighthouse here at Chebucto Head Lighthouse, some Pitcher carnivorous plants there and a stop at the Halifax food market. It was on July 1st, Canada day, and while everything was in a good mood, the stalls were closed so we came back home and ended the day with a nice walk around the Lower Sackville Park and in the evening watching fireworks over the lake from our very generous neighbors.

Nova Scotia.Nova Scotia.

Other sightseeing included highest recorded tides at Burntcoat Head, a quick rainy look at Peggys Cove Lighthouse, the beautifully quiet and picturesque Grand-Pré National Historic Site, and a second Unesco site at Lunenburg. The Grand-Pré National Historic site is so beautiful and peaceful. There is an old wooden church on the way towards the coast that you pass, in there in the afternoon with the light shining on the wheatgrass it is perfect.

Nova Scotia.Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia.

We had a fun evening in Lunenburg where we enjoyed a delicious dinner lobster (although the restaurant was a bit disorganized) and a walk around the port admiring the schooner replica Bluenose II.


Nova Scotia.Nova Scotia.

To Eat
We falsely thought that it was the lobster season in Nova Scotia, it wasn’t. But we still had a delicious lunch and lobster rolls at a couple of places one of which was Shaw’s Landing. Also, the Halifax Markets are fun to walk around and there is some excellent looking produce.

Next Canadiana episode covers our fun trip to Bruce Peninsula!

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