Canadiana – Part 2 (Bruce Peninsula)

In late fall 2014 we had a lovely trip at the bottom of Bruce Peninsula, staying at a cosy BnB, an old doctor’s home in Owen Sound. Husband Chris reports it as one of his favourite trips since we moved to Canada. It was spent hiking, sleeping and eating copious breakfasts provided by our host Jamie. Sadly the BnB is no longer running, but one of the takeaway memories was seeing salmon swimming upstream. We had a gorgeous fall hike with amazing fall colours, started at the bottom of the Harrison Park and ended at Inglis Falls.

During that weekend we drove around the bottom of the Bruce Peninsula, reaching Lion’s Head but we did most of the in-depth discovery on the second long weekend with Mum and Dad, using the recommendations of our friend Tamara, a regular in the area. So much so that she and her partner Vince got married in the area and hold it very close to their hearts.

For this trip we stayed at another cosy lovely BnB at Haven on the Bay within a few minutes walk from Lake Huron. Husband Chris had a swim while we were chatting with a lady describing her recent encounter with a snake in the area. Apparently they are not interested in swimmers so Husband could keep enjoying the clear water and feeling the sunshine through the water, an experience he reported somehow different to swimming in salt water.

To see
We enjoyed a glass bottom boat tour in Tobermory with some interesting shipwrecks and lovely views of the Bruce Trail followed by a nice walk around.

Bruce Peninsula.

Some other highlights include an Elk Farm. Here the elks are farmed for their horns, not their meat which made me very happy. As well the horns are not chopped off in some horrific manner they fall off when the time is right. They were absolutely majestic. More time driving around, a pit stop at a beautifully located winery at Coffin Ridge Winery,and some potentially muskrat or otter sightings from our drives.

Bruce Peninsula.

One evening we spent some time waiting to spot a beaver. And we thought we saw one but it was very quickly and he rushed out of my viewfinder very quickly, and never came back. After about an hour of baiting him/her we drove off slightly happy to have potentially spotted one and sad for not getting a close look. There were also many stories shared of bears roaming around and scaring bikers, but we were lucky enough not to see any. I would like to photograph some for sure but I am doubtful I would know hot to seize the opportunity if I did meet one.

Bruce Peninsula.

It was yet another lovely trip together with a lot of driving, stopping for photographs and genuinely making the most of the short time together.

Bruce Peninsula.

Bruce Peninsula.

To Eat
Fish and Chips off the road on the way to or back from Tobermory. This place is run locally using the catch of the day only, it also has a good choice of smoked fish to take home. We also enjoyed a nice brunch in Owen Sound at Casero’s a well placed Mexican restaurant.

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