Chocolate covered postcards

Next Stop – Cologne, Germany

We met Mr. ST. and Miss Tiffany in the student residence in Manchester in 2008 and since then we have meddled in each other’s lives at various intervals. Miss Tiffany lives in Cologne and it was time for a visit. It is our fourth time there and each time we have discovered more fun things about the city.

Other than spending quality time together, being impressed by Miss Tiffany’ s express baking abilities and spoiled by her family over dinner, the highlight was Schokoladen Museum, the Chocolate Museum. Miss Tiffany promised to take me years ago and something always came up. I enjoy making homemade chocolate and working with various combinations but it is a whole different experience to see how it is all automated at a larger scale. Here is a peak at the Juliette Binoche of automation ( after visiting the museum, riding the chocolate express we ended the day by watching Chocolat ):

How chocolate is made.

The museum knows how to keep their visitors amused. When you buy your tickets you get a little chocolate and later on you can see the entire process of how it is made. It looks something like this:

How chocolate is made.

And if this is not enough you can go one more floor up and make your own chocolate by choosing your preferred chocolate type and ingredients:

Make your own chocolate.

To show that I don’t have a one-track mind, there was one more thing other than chocolate that kept us entertained, postcards. It started with a newly opened antique bookshop, which had some boxes of old postcards. I easily spent half an hour selecting a few. Next day we found the postcard heaven in the shop called … wait for it …. wait for it… Postkarten on Breite Str. I dare you to go upstairs and spend only 2 minutes. Miss Tiffany had to threaten us with starvation to stop looking through all the cards. Even if you don’t buy and you just look at them you still want to keep going.

Through all this chocolate, cards, rain and good fun, it is still impressive the sight of the Cathedral towering over everything. This is us, well minus Mr. ST. :

This is us.

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