Did I miss the Question?

The Finkler Question by Howard Jacobson

In July I was with Daniela, a close friend of mine who shares an even greater love for reading, in Waterstone’s in Manchester. During her short weekend visit I think we ended going back and forth in the bookshop quite a few times. She wanted to get me a gift and I chose this book, won over by the fact that the author is from Manchester.

The book flows around three main characters. If I think of each character individually I couldn’t picture how they would be able to influence each other’s lives with Sam, a well-respected figure, Julian the opposite and Libor the melancholic tie between them. They are all rich characters as the author gives enough time to each one of them. Julian made me cringe, with Sam I didn’t connect but Libor I would have like to listen to him telling stories.

So funny enough from a book that touches on: an existential crisis, relationships, philosophy, anti-Semitism, ASHamed Jews, love, envy, death, infidelity, fatherhood and many more other topics… what was I really curious to know? If Libor was faithful to his wife. The romantic in me chooses to believe yes. I am sure he was emotionally…

For some reason my inspiration finishes here for this post. Maybe I missed the Question and the Answer….

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