European Tour – France

Our last stop in the journey was France in gorgeous Dordogne, back to the heavenly house where we spent a family vacation in 2016.
It was an emotional trip, a very slow pace from multiple perspectives. This trip was organized by my sister in law and luckily our travels were flexible to ensure we joined them. Originally this was just a vacation to relax, enjoy the scenery, and while we still did that, it was also a trip to take it easy and support each other.

We left Bucharest very early in the morning and landed in Lyon where we picked up a car in a very timely fashion, unlike our Gatwick experience. We were hopeful we can stop to pick up some sweets from legendary Bernachon. Little son cooperated and slept so we inhaled chocolate eclairs and bought some chocolates to have with family.

Bernachon.It is hard to predict certain things such as how Husband being away from Cillian for 5 weeks would turn out. Cillian didn’t show direct signs of anything being different while we were just the two of us, he was also quite busy with so many changes. But when Chris came back it took a bit of time of getting used to. And having fewer inputs, helped Cillian get back into the routine he had with his Tata. We spent time eating food from markets, going to markets, going for little walks, eating lots of figs from the tree right in front of the house. There were a couple of pool sessions, but the water was quite cold. My sister in law was recovering from a health rollercoaster and it was a blessing to be together for a short period of time. We had one outing for a fancy lunch at Chez Julien’s in Paunat where monsieur had a chocolate mousse dessert as one should have when in France.

Chez Julien.

I am sure there are so many places in the world idyllic and peaceful where it would be wonderful to spend a long period of time. Tourache is definitely one of them. Currently, we are in isolation during the Covid Pandemic and our trip there seems absolutely heavenly.


It was a painful journey back because we had a 5-hour wait in Montreal after the long flight from Bordeaux. We were tired and really just wanted to get home. I guess psychologically was harder to get motivated, knowing we were so close to home. But Cillian filled the time as he always does, busy screaming up a storm (chat screaming not yelling) in an airport restaurant. It was amusing in some sick twisted way to see the gentleman next to us rolling his eyes at him thinking look yet another uncontrolled brat.

We got home where my mom was waiting for us with food and a clean house, happy for us to park our suitcases for the year. And with Cillian’s traveling year ended after USA, Australia, UK, Germany, Italy, Romania, and France. Well, kid just so you know my first out of country travel was when I was 19 so I guess we did manage to give you something different from our experience. You loved it and you had a blast most of the time, so hopefully, your sense of curiosity will take you to many rich adventures.

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