European Tour – Germany

The adventure continued for Cillian and me. Husband had to return to work and we were apart for 5 weeks while we were visiting friends and family.

Cillian was an excellent travel companion, navigating train stations, airports, airplanes. It gave me great confidence these weeks we spent together. Also it reminded me how kind and thoughtful people can be, of course, family and friends but also complete strangers.

Our first stop was with D. & F.. They picked us from the airport, after a gentleman mansplained to me how to navigate two suitcases, a backpack and a child. D & F spoiled us for a week. They basically set up their place so comfortably for a toddler we could have moved in. Everything from a car seat, eating chair, a play area with Lego just for Cillian, our own bedroom and bathroom. Cologne was a revelation in terms of their excellent parks for kids with a lot of sand and water castles with pumps allowing the kids to play beautifully. We spent our days taking small walks, day trips, a bit of shopping during record-breaking temperatures. We had an amazing day at the animal farm in Frechen, another at Phantasia Land and yet another visit to Postkarten on Breite Str.

Usually, bath time was something Cillian shared with Husband and for the five weeks, we shared this experience as well. It was both exceptionally fun and exhausting at the same time. Cillian also found a first girlfriend in a mall, where a little girl grabbed him by the hand and wouldn’t let him go. He found it fun to start with, but not as much once she was ready to take him home.

D & F dropped us at the train station and we said a sad goodbye for now while we ventured on our first solo train ride for a couple of hours to sexy Ulm.




Dani is a regular on this blog for visits she makes to Toronto but this time we made our way to her. We didn’t spend much time in Ulm as we thought might as well go spend 5 days in Italy. More about that in the following post.

The little time we spent here, was short and sweet with a trip to the Botanical Garden and a reunion with a dear friend from Manchester, a walk around the City Centre and home time dancing on latin music and watching Alta Mar once Cillian went to sleep.

Both trips were filled with beautiful memories and I was very happy we had a chance to spread some of Cillian’s energy around with such dear friends.




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