European Tour – Italy

The Italian excursion was easily planned at home when 5 + 2 hours on a train didn’t sound too bad. After a week of solo traveling with Cillian, the prospect of getting in a train for a whole day from Ulm to Verona was very intimidating.

I was dreading it and thought I am crazy and should be slapped into reality. My fears were misplaced because between Dani and the distractions of everything new around, we were able to have a very decent trip. Tiring but very civilized. Little son enjoyed different activities, walks up and down the train with both of us, a nap and the views.

We arrived in Verona and my Dad and Cornelia met us. They had a child seat installed so for the next 3 days we enjoyed an Italian life that only in Italy can be found.


Day one in Verona was hot, animated and entertaining. Busy streets full of tourists, Juliett’s house and balcony, a lovely lunch, gelato at Grom, and a quick tour of the Verona Arena.


Limone del Sur and Sirmione
Dani suggested this was a location worth seeing and she was right. The drive there is spectacular in itself. The little town is very romantic with little streets, beautiful houses with flowers and hilly.

Limone sul Garda.

Limone sul Garda.

Limone sul Garda.


Peschiera del Garda
We spent the last day at a slow pace, we looked for a supermarket which was supposed to be within a 5-minute walk, we ended up walking outside our town to get to it. Gelateria Romana was excellent. Cillian loved playing in the fountain in the center. We walked to the lake and had a little splash, had a lovely dinner with a spectacular promenade and view and of course one gelato to wrap the season up.

We embarked on the way back for another long train ride but yet again to give credit to my little amazing travel companion, he cooperated and together we made some beautiful memories.

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