God could blink during my moment of sulkiness

God Never Blinks by Regina Brett

Today it’s one of those days when I am indulging in self-pity and some sort of blues. After a few hours during which I felt unmotivated to do anything useful I finally pushed myself to start catching up on my book diary.

This book is a gift from my mom. After living in Manchester since 2008, I was happy to finally have mom over for my 30th birthday this August. So this present was delivered in person. In between her frantically working on finishing my wedding dress, we spent some good days together. Last book mom gave me I decided to compile the titles together in my quest to discover what hidden message she is sending me. So far I have “God sees me for the predicable awesome irrational Canadian that I am/was/will be”.

I finished the 50 lessons quickly. I am always hungry for reminders that the type of sulky self pity day I am having today is just part of life. It happens but it is a brief moment in an existence, which I hope, lets love, peace, hope and other positive energies flow through it. When reading I felt that the wisdom transpired from each lesson is one that comes from a rich life of experiences.

Some of the lessons are good reminders for me to not to put to much pressure on myself with big decisions. I think I am better at planning the next step rather the next 50 so I make an effort to keep that in mind when thinking about the future. I am getting better and more confident at asking for anything from information, favours, advice, understanding, peace and space. The book also reinforced my need to plan attending a relaxation/meditation/well being retreat once in a while. It will be good for the soul. I want to take mom on one too.

In the meantime I will try pay my credit card on time, smile and I ended my sulky afternoon with poking around the author’s website and watching Arthur Christmas.

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