Happy Birthday Mama!!

Hello everyone,

This is my birthday gift for Mama known also as Pusha to many people :).
Aside from being a proud daughter for too many reasons to mention, the one of focus hear is the wonderful things that she makes.

One of my fondest and earliest memories of my mom’s Knitting endeavours was this set I saw she made.
It was a sweater and a skirt with a brown pallete. She chose to make it with vertical lines of various shades and brown based colours.
She is beautiful and it looked beautiful on her.

When I reached about 6th grade I inherited the sweater. I was very proud and happy to wear it. Plus it had a wider neckline, not deep just wider, showing a little
shoulder. Hehe very exciting at that age.
I regret having lost it somewhere in moving from Romania to Canada. I will try and dig out some pictures with it at some point.

I remember she used to make her own clothes as well. But at some point with having to raise two kids and switch continents, she took a long break from it.
I am happy to report the Return of the Pusha hehe. She is better than ever.
She has been knitting again making absolutely gorgeous things.

The miracle of it is that she just knits with a creativity and flow which comes from inside. I have rarely seen her using a pattern.
Hearing that she is participating in her first event, I realized I need to give her the gift of Online Access to her work.

Mom as a Bday Wish I hope you will have many people visitting and appreciating your beautiful work.
You deserve it.



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