Here come a few awesome things

The book of Awesome by Neil Pasricha

This book was a gift from my mom for Easter. The amusing thing is that Mom has a bookcase full of books ranging from philosophy to history. What type of books do I get as present? How to be a Canadian, Predictably Irrational, The Book of Awesome. There is a pattern in there but I am not sure yet which one. So far it reads to be that I am/was/will be a predicable awesome irrational Canadian. I will keep building on that see what we get.

How best to celebrate such a book but with a list of 30 awesome things I can think of, not in the order of importance but how they came to mind. 30 since I am turning 30 so might as well use a nice round number. Here we go (there may be cross referencing with the book):

  1. Spring
  2. Thursdays
  3. Coming home knowing food is waiting for you
  4. Planning a trip
  5. Laughing fits
  6. Drinking tea or water after something sweet
  7. Raw red peppers
  8. New manicure and pedicure
  9. Taking a bra off
  10. Taking shoes off
  11. Finishing a gym session
  12. Improving a yoga pose
  13. Clean house
  14. Looking at the sky
  15. Reading
  16. Remembering the name of someone after you have been given a few clues
  17. Learning a new language
  18. Parents sending you to take a nap
  19. Films
  20. Green
  21. A ladybug
  22. A balcony garden
  23. Getting a goat to come to you
  24. Scotish Terriers
  25. Arriving at a dinner party when you are hungry
  26. Tomato salad with spring onions
  27. Massage
  28. Live Perfomances
  29. Roasted nuts
  30. Love and friendship

Mersi Mama.

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