Making love with chaos

Next Stop – Bucharest, Romania

We have been back in Romania now for more than three weeks and it will be our home base for another month and a bit. The first two weeks we were in Bucharest. I haven’t been back home for such an extended period of time probably since I left as for Chris this is definitely the most time he has spent here. Living in Europe has allowed us to come back home quite often but they were always extremely short trips.

There are tons of things to say, feelings, thoughts, opinions when I come back. Most of the time I avoid any sort of comparison between places and people as it steals away from their uniqueness and forces them in crooked moulds. I was talking to Chris about various aspects of the daily life here and the best description we can come up with is that is something like making love with chaos and giving birth to healthy beautiful children. We are lucky to have friends here as well as family and during the day we would work on various things while every evening we would either go to family or meet up with friends. Every other day my aunt manages to pour organic food into us from her farm or various markets around. We had two generations bonding over drinks when we decided to take my grandmother and my great-aunt for a walk in the park and dinner. One lovely lady is 87 and the second is 81 and they naturally decided to have as aperitifs a Mojito and a Campari Orange. I had water …

Social highlights include cinema in the park. There seems to be a lot of that happening around the city in various parks and free. We went to Bazilescu Park and the projection was done against an old summer theatre hall. I will make a point to go take some photos of it as it looks pretty interesting. Gradina Verona, is a place where you have access to the book store Carturesti, you can enjoy a drink or a meal in the garden, so spacious it feels like you are in an oasis.

Food highlighthts include delicious little cakes from Cofetaria Victoria where they even make their own parfait. The photos below are from the now famous Dristor Kebap. Those guys dance around the salads, the meat and serve incredible quantities to eager customers. It is indeed super tasty.

Dristor Kebap.

And two other collections. The first is ‘Te iubesc’ which means I love you.

Te iubesc (I love you).

The second is ‘Priveste cerul’ which means Look at the sky.

Priveste cerul (Look at the sky).

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