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Next stop – Bucharest, Brasov, Bran

After Istanbul, we spent another couple of weeks in Romania, a short time in which we went to a favourite place by now, Moeciu, near Bran and Brasov. A close friend of ours visited and we used him as an excuse to return there. It is always good to see familiar places through new eyes, to rediscover them. We had time to give him a quick introduction to some popular Romanian locations and to make him feel bad for trying to negotiate in the craft markets.

The remaining days were spent with family and friends. I thought I would have plenty of time to show Chris around Bucharest since we have yet to see it properly. We did not have a chance and we may not have seen the museums of Bucharest but I saw my grandmothers and family often, spent birthdays with friends and saw everyone more regularly. I even had a wisdom tooth out which I am saving as a memento. It looks terrible.

Next stop – London, Brighton

Middle of September, we left for London. Here again we were lucky to see family as my sister in law and her husband live there and this time around we had a mini family reunion with Chris’ mum and dad, who just arrived from their own travels around Russia. We stayed with Mr. ST and manage to wreck his home again with suitcases and boxes but not for long as we all three moved to Mr. and Mrs. GB. Mr and Mrs. GB are two of the most fun and friendliest people I met in the last couple of years. Every single experience with them is lived to its fullest. They attended our wedding last year and everyone, absolutely everyone remembers them.

Food Craving
We enjoyed a great dinner together at Nopi, where I discovered burrata. Delicious! Chris has been a fan of Yotam Ottolenghi and his vegetarian dishes made their way to our dinner table in the recent months.

We also had time to go to Brighton for a day to visit close friends of mine from university and we spent a whole day on the beach. We had a great day of lounging, throwing pebbles around and having probably the best fish and chips. Our friends T&V, live here with their beautiful Australian Cattle Dog, Blue.


I was thinking the other day about purpose in life and special talents, your regular self discovery on a Sunday afternoon. Maybe bringing people together in my life and sharing experiences with them is good enough. Blue is the perfect role model for this, as he naturally herds people around him. We are lucky to have an amazing family but we also have created a family for ourselves. They are spread out and not accessible for a meal or a drink anytime we want but when we do see them, it is always heartfelt and it pushes us to make the most of it. So thanks to Blue I can see now that being good at just herding people and finding ways to bring each other together is good enough for a life purpose. Speaking of V from the dynamic T&V duo it is his birthday today so I shall use this post and wish him a great birthday filled with all his favourites. If I could, I would have shipped Chris for you as I know he makes your top 5 favourite things :).



And at the end of the post here is a message for these cheerful people we call our friends. It is summed up in this poster all over in London after the Olympics to thank everyone for making it a success. This is how I look too when I eat grass.


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