Sharing the Fun

As I mentioned before I love making various things knitting, tailoring crocheting and somehow I feel like I am ready to share my passion of doing so with other people or to teach them.
To knit or cut the fabric for me just come naturally for some reason…the fun part will be to bring people together and share with them various techniques.
I was thinking of creating a plan for lessons and I ended up confused because I have a very original way to do stuff. The tricky part is how can I explain other people the way I made a jacket when most of the times I start making a scarf and after a little bit of time I realize that the start that I have is not good for a scarf and maybe I can go for a poncho or no, is too small for a poncho and I keep knitting letting my work to get a contour and then suddenly I have an idea of making a skirt which goes perfect with the yarn I have or with other stuff made before.
So this way I sit down and knit but my mind is always running and running and finding new ways of finishing something that surprises me all the time.
I believe that the right way to start is to organize sessions of knitting or tailoring with people who share the same interest and then being together we create something that nobody had in her(his) mind.
Sounds absolutely exciting and I am ready to put up a meeting like this as soon as I have few interested people.
I look forward for my guests’ comments and accordingly I will invite you to come and try having fun creating together!!!!!!!!!!


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