Thank you 2016

Dear 2016,

Here are some of your:

Travel highlights:

  • A trip to Southern France with Family.
  • Long weekends with Mum and Dad.
  • Hiking and Skiing in Blue Mountain with Family.
  • Visit Family in New Jersey.
  • Spend time in New York with my sweet friend Dani.
  • Spend time with dear friends in Manchester, Sheffield, and London.

Personal highlights:

  • Spend as much time as we could with friends and family.
  • 5-year wedding anniversary.
  • Guns N ‘ Roses Concert with my brother.
  • Fulfilling our auntie and uncle duties with aplomb, if not that, then definitely with gusto.
  • Read 17 books and 5 children books.
  • Did not give up on the blog and kept chipping away at it.
  • Continued beading with the best group of girls I could wish for.
  • Stuart, our Norfolk Pine Tree is still growing beautifully and now has a happy partner in Ernie, a kumquat fellow.
  • My work in software development went full steam ahead and it was a very work full year.
  • Became a bit of a hamster and had days in which I would walk around our condo in order to get to 10000 steps.
  • Went back to Yoga at the end of the year and spent a lot of time trying new things for my health such as Accupuncture, Osteopathy, and smoothing fruits and vegetables.
  • Kept my Etsy shop and added a couple of prints.
  • Made our condo a home which we love. But that deserves its own post which I hope to cover soon.
  • Excellent coffees at home.

Toronto highlights:

  • Walks. One especially beautiful during fall time organized by Nature Conservancy Of Canada, an organization we are supporting.
  • Hosting dinners in our nest and making it more our own one month at a time.
  • Family and Friend’s visits from overseas get us outside of our city comfort zones.
  • Canadian Opera Company subscription with two performance already checked off: Ariodante and Norma. Four remain to be seen.
  • Beautiful concerts with the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, starting the year with an emotional Mozart Requiem and ending with a soulful and funny Jann Arden.
  • Good food at Rose and Sons, Smoked and Cracked, CafĂ© Belong brunch, Lee Namjang, Stockyards and a new favorite Marigold.
  • Mama Earth Organics weekly food deliveries.

2016 was very much a full year with lots of work. A year I felt I learned and became more confident in my technical abilities. Reaching that point where you know that not knowing is ok. I never knew anything in this field but with dedication and work all the unknown becomes familiar and you can get on with the work. I still enjoying the learning curves and the problem solving aspects of it. It was also a year of family time, we were lucky to see family here locally but as well visitors and through our traveling. During this year we confirmed that buying our condo/flat was one of the best decisions we made and we were happy not to push ourselves above our means to buy a (town)house. I fell short in taking care of my hobbies, but I spent a lot of time focusing on health improvements also some of the artistic dimension was filled with the beading creations. An extremely rewarding occupation.

Thank you 2016 and here is wishing a blissful 2017 to all.



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