Thank you 2019!

Dear 2019,

You were pretty impressive so here are some of your highlights.

Personal highlights:

  • Arranged travels to spend time with family and friends
  • Organized the first birthday picnic for Cillian
  • Cillian learning new life skills like walking, talking, starting daycare
  • Gaining more confidence in myself as a mother, although there are plenty of moments I still have to work on
  • Husband completed a certification he worked very hard on
  • My Etsy shop sold one order and I received my first feedback
  • Stuart and Ernie are still home with us and stable geniuses

Travel highlights:

  • Trip to New Jersey to spend a weekend with family.
  • First trip to Australia as a formula of 3. While there we spent a lot of time going to beaches and enjoying new sights.
  • Trip to Europe including England, Germany, Italy, Romania and France. Spent time with family and friends and had an amazing time.

Toronto highlights:

  • Walks and time spent in parks.
  • Organized the first movie night in 2 years with an amazing group of ladies.

This year was such a beautiful rich year, Cillian has claimed the centre of our lives and we loved it. Of course, there are many challenges and it is a rollercoaster of emotions but it is also a new license to discover life through his lens. My goal is to try to have a clean slate to discover the world as much as possible void of my fears, insecurities and negative experiences. Sometimes I succeed, sometimes I need to work harder. We spent more than a third of our year abroad and we soaked it all up. It was amazing to spend time with the Australian family, Gus and Aggie are beautiful souls, we had some hard times with people in our lives struggling with hardships. I have also lost my last grandparent, the Queen Mother the matriarch of the family has left us. It has been a big special year and we are grateful to have so many amazing people in our lives to love. Even when we lose them, our love for them still enriches our lives and their memory will keep us company.

Thank you 2019!

PS: This end of a decade and a decade that has seen me live in 3 countries, travel, work too much at times, following some hobbies at times, not following them enough, reading some good books, having fun, struggles with fertility, giving birth, becoming a mother. Overall it has been amazing and I feel very lucky to be starting a new decade. May it bring joy and adventures to us all.

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