The day we made the Etsy Front Page

Regular morning: prepare breakfast and have it while I do a round of online checks. Usually the first one in line is the shop, then the lists, the teams and depending on time or mood my emails. I have all of them neatly set up in my Bookmarks Toolbar in Firefox with shortcuts and categories.

Monday I created a new treasury List and as usual I let inspiration drive this process. Even if I am part of teams with dedicated homework for lists and member inclusions, I do not like to roll them out on a conveyer belt without feeling a connection with the theme. It needs to pop in my head then I can run with it.

The title of the last one was Cool Aunt Coming to Visit! . My niece and nephew are 1 year old today. So the inspiration came from thinking and talking about them. They are in Brisbane, Australia and we are in Manchester so we will sadly not be there for their celebration. We do miss them and think of them so all the items on that list were gifts I thought a cool aunt like myself would like to get them. Anyway I spent a good few hours looking around for items and it was a mix of items from my fellow team members in Romania’s Artisans and Toronto Etsy Street Team with some of my Favorite Shops and some of my Suggested Shops.

The list did OK but was not immensely popular with around 30 or 40 views. So imagine my surprise this morning when I went to my list page and saw that the views went up to 107. I read the new comments and I saw congratulations for the front page. Of course my heart jumped and I quickly “ran” to the Etsy homepage to see that indeed my list was on the front page.

I think I refreshed 5 times to make sure it is true. I took a screenshot, I showed my partner, took a screenshot again. I left home extremely happy and in the lift a girl was listening to the song “Don’t stop believing”. In the spirit of seeing happy signs everywhere I thought it was a great message for me to take on my way to work.


On the bus I saw that my moment was now passed onto some other lucky Curator since another list was on the main page. I realized how lucky I was to have seen it and not to miss my moment of fame. Of course the items are what made the list so popular and I noticed later on that two items from the list were sold. To make myself feel even better I will think it is because of the front-page feature. I am really savoring this event for all its worth. As well a record number of six artists added us to their circle. Positive outcomes all around.

Great Morning and bringing it back to the lovely twins in our family.. We wish them lots of love and hope they have a beautiful 1st birthday. We love you, Chris and Anca!

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