What have you read lately?

After writing and erasing the opening line for a few times, I quickly realize that the idea of having/writing a blog and the action of doing it are two different things. But here I go giving this a shot.

The ideas that came to mind while thinking about this and which topics I should go for varied from day to day activities, thoughts, events or many other random things. Instead I decided for now to focus on a book journal. The reason for it is that for the past few months I have been lucky to have quite a long bus ride to work and back. This time is quite precious and I am using it for reading most of the times.

I will try to focus on how a book makes me feel or what thoughts it provokes, as well what parts of it challenge me and my current understanding of the inside and outside world. Of course this is not to be interpreted a literary commentary on the books I am reading. A little disclaimer there :).

It is more to answer the question:” What have you read lately?” We will see how it goes… Oh and please remember if anyone is reading out there and they have not read the book yet, there may be some spoilers.

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