Winds and dragons

Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

A new chapter has started and it also brought a wind of change in my reading habits. Being on the road doesn’t make it easy to transport books so this is my first read on a Kindle. Chris bought it a while back against me kicking up a fuss. But he needed it in order to avoid big bulky professional books and here I am using it now. Not only did I read it on a Kindle but it was also suggested from my Goodreads account. Technology all around.

The book covers the stories of four women, first in their homeland in China and then starting a new life in America. Mahjong gives them a social connection through the Joy Luck Club, an excuse that brings them together in happy moments, and sometimes support. The stories continue beautifully with the lives of their children and the complex relationships between generations. This topic is always relevant and with the added layer of cultural differences as well as generational, it seems so pertinent to globalization. The stories were also source of examples of the intricate ties between mother and daughter and the time it takes time for a young woman to define her independence and reach a better understanding of her mother.

The book was made into a movie so I will keep an eye out to see how it transferred on screen. As for my experience with the Kindle, in the beginning I really missed the feeling of a book but I quickly adapted and enjoyed it. I still feel it can never replace a book and the great feeling of buying one, getting excited over it and the memories of where I get it from. I enjoy the convenience of easy transport but it still didn’t stop me from buying books during our travels in Romania and New Zealand. Oh well …

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