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This is officially the last post related to our wedding. It is only a year an a half now since we got married so it seems about the right time to wrap it up. I wanted to wait until we distributed all the thank you gifts to our guests before posting this. As a thank you for attending our happy party, we went through a very laborious process of sorting through the photos and creating a custom set for each guest and making photo albums with them. There are plenty of digital photo albums options but to make one customized for each guest would have been very costly. So we ended up making them ourselves.


  • A4 Paper
  • A4 Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Thick Craft Paper

Photo Albums.

The cardboard sheets were great to keep since they came with some paper I bought. They were cut in thin strips of around ½ cm. Each sheet of paper was folded in half and the cardboard strip was glued on the edge between two sheets. I found it best to break this step into small parts, by gluing 3 or 4 sheets together and putting them under some heavy books, to let the glue set and dry. If there were too many pages stacked up then the alignment was lost, when pressed. So, doing it in parts was the easiest way to keep them properly aligned and stacked. They were left overnight, which was enough, and the next day all parts were glued together to accommodate the desired number of photos and left again to dry and set.

Photo Albums.

Once the skeleton was completed, the photos were glued on the page and set to dry, yet again overnight. For the covers we used a thick craft paper, cut to fit perfectly around the album, allowing some extra length to wrap around at the front. I glued the last page to it and the cord of the book. And for one more night let it all press nicely, the album was ready for a nice string to finish it off.

Photo Albums.

Photo Albums.

Lessons Learned

If you plan to make it double sided and put photos on each side, then they need to have a matte finish. Glossy will make them stick to each other. Unless you decided to go even fancier and add dividers, we didn’t.

It is a very lengthy process so I used every Skype call as an excuse to keep folding pages, and gluing photos. Although multitasking is overrated in most cases, this is easy enough to be done while you listen to something, or over the phone, especially after finishing the first couple of them and knowing exactly what you have to do.

This process also involved a lot of photos to be printed. So it is worth watching for deals on volume photo printing. For example, the print shop we were using had various offers on the receipt. So that may be worth looking at after you pay.

Photo Albums.

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