See you soon Brissy

We left Brisbane a couple of weeks ago. Before getting there it seemed that 6 months would be such a long time that we could even get bored. We were wrong. It was quite surprising how quickly we settled into a routine. I had:

  • access to a space where I could enjoy some of the native wildlife,
  • a set of beautiful little monkeys (my twin niece and nephew) to chase around when I was not lazy,
  • time to take a course completely new to me (Watery Painting),
  • a few amazing trips to New Zealand, Lady Elliot Island and homes of family and friends,
  • completed my first photographic prints, and
  • some proper TV dates with Chris’ Mum and Dad (‘Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy’ and ‘Smiley’s People’, ‘The Killing’ and the ‘The Bridge’).

More than all this it was a gateway to a new home for me, where I fully absorbed a whole new part of my family and got to know a place which is such a great part of Chris’ life.

By the time we left, the garden in Chris’ parents was going through some changes and some horse manure was brought in which created a popular attraction for a series of birds. Probably the cutest one of them was the Willie Wagtail with its restless, twirly moves, and although very youthful from afar, closer inspection revealed some funky white eyebrows which made it look wiser beyond its time. There were also the regular visitors, the Sulphur-crested Cockatoos and new inhabitants such a baby Brush Turkey.

Willie Wagtail.

Sulphur-crested Cockatoo

Bush Turkey.

Memento Hunting
For some reason, the past few years have not been a very clothes friendly period for me. But Nook in West End was good inspiration, supporting artisans from everywhere, and here I found a top from Supayana. It has been one of the most successful blouses I have purchased with compliments received all around the place.

Food Craving
We did not eat out much since we were ridiculously spoiled at home. But one of the few times we ventured out was for a very nice Japanese meal at Hosokawa.

On our leaving lunch this is the beauty Mum made, the special occasion Pavlova.


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