Smells like coffee…

The Ice Princess by Camilla Läckberg

This book was a gift from a dear friend of mine. We went to highschool together and we set out ways in different countries but in 2010 we managed to meet and visit each other. She came to visit in November and she asked me what I want for Christmas so there I was asking for my own gift. Books would be one of those things I can ask for as a gift comfortably. She surprised me and got me two, the second one being a book by Margaret Atwood. I have been hearing about her so I thought it was time I have some sort of goal of reading a book by a fellow Canadian. Hehe I do sway however the wind blows.

From what I can remember this would be my second Swedish author I have read. The first one is …. Well I will let you guess who he is. He is everywhere at the moment in every airport. But anyway back to my Ice Princess.

It was the kind of lecture I absorbed quickly and I went through it in a few days. Trying to answer ”Who did it?” can be a great motivator. I can’t divulge any details but there are a few things I can mention. One is coffee … my childhood friend lives in Sweden and I have visited a few times. I remember before my first visit she was telling me how much of a ritual it is to have “fika”, coffee breaks. Considering the number of times coffee was mentioned in the book, I was craving it all through my lecture,

I can also proudly say that towards the climax of the book when more and more details are revealed and the identity of the murderer feels close, then I picked up the detail, which solved the puzzle. And actually I guessed a little parts of the plot before that. Well don’t get me wrong I didn’t guess it from the beginning but I did try to put the puzzle in a way I can understand it.

I enjoyed reading it just because it made for an interesting coffee smelling experience. I wouldn’t read it again but I may enjoy reading the second book of the mini series.

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