For The Love of Fashion – The Beginnings

I remember something that happened long time ago when being a child and living in my parents house with my grandmother I had no idea what fashion is and even my mother could not explain much about it…

In that time, life was definitely different then it is now and my family was living in a such pure and clean way that when I think about it makes me so proud and fortunate…

I was going to school(first grade!) and in my spare time I used to do a lot of childish things but from all the stuff that I have done I have in my mind most of the time the moments with my grandmother.She was a very nice and soft person with a huge passion for reading and knitting.She taught me a lot of things but probably the major work of hers was my basics, my education and my love for family , for life and nature.

She used to read with a loud voice her books just to catch my attention and while I was playing or doing something else I just found myself leaving everything and cuddling beside her and  listening every single word that she was reading…I cannot imagine how much passion or inspiration she had to keep me hours after hours to listen to her readings.I remember, her happy face when finishing a book and asking me about the heroes or facts I  proved that I really listened to her and I knew a lot of details about that book.

Other times she used to knit and those time were really funny because she used to tell me stories about her past or stories about our family …unfortunately my eyes and my attention were totally to her hands and her knitting and I was so fascinated about the moves, the yarns and the things that were coming out that the stories she was telling were out of my interest.

I used to ask her to teach me how to knit and constantly she answered that a young girl needs to be educated, smart and focused on other things not knits…

This is for mothers or grandmothers she used to say!!!!

Did not work with me that theory and I started to steel her needles and yarns trying to make simple scarves which were just samples of my work not even a completed or finished thing.

Soon my passion for knitting wasn’t a secret for my grandmother and because she made most of the time socks and mitts for winter she realized that I can make more then that but I had no idea where to start or how to make.

From her I learned how to hold the needles and how to play with the yarn not to catch it in a wrong way.

From that stage up it was all my imagination….

I reach the level of doing clothing knitting or tailoring and creating the whole piece while working on i.I do not use patern, I do not have a previous design or a full image of what I want to make.It comes with the flow in such a way that I am constantly surprised by my final products.

I used to make things for every taste and occasions and now at this moment in my life I feel like I am prepared to share my love for making clothing to another scale and in a way that might bring me to the higher level able to teach others, to introduce everyone that has a little interest in this area.

I intend to initiate a program that can be perfect suitable for children willing to make their own scarves or gloves or to make perfect presents for friends or moms .

May this start be a beginning to a new wave in our children education, a step to the refreshing our grandmothers works  that are so full of art and elegance.


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